Fair fish means ensuring a fair price for you, your fishermen, and the folks who process and deliver you your fish, while having minimal environmental impact. When you purchase from Off the Hook, you help ensure a fair price for Nova Scotia's small-scale fishermen, while you get a reliable source of high quality, local, sustainable fish.

Since its inception in 2010, Off the Hook’s Community Support Fishery (CSF) share program has been successful in raising awareness and creating market access for both fishermen and consumers. With over 300 households subscribing to fresh, fair fish every week at its peak, we did it all with the support of our subscribers. So, thank you for believing in our efforts and eating our tasty fish!

Over the past few months, we have been busy planning our next steps. We have decided to not run a CSF this season so we can instead focus our time and energy on Off the Hook‘s next ventures that will meet our goals of transforming Nova Scotia’s seafood marketplace. We are still focused on connecting consumers with our region’s small-scale, low-impact fishermen, to promote sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to sustainable economic development in our coastal communities. We are exploring new opportunities to get our fish to people, achieve financial sustainability, and remain true to our fresh, fair fish values.

We are excited to see that Off the Hook has helped increase demand in the market for sustainable, local fish to the point that two new businesses, Afishionado and Hooked Halifax (opening soon), are taking up the torch.

While we will miss interacting with all our loyal CSF fish share subscribers, we will be letting you know where you can find Off the Hook fish as opportunities arise.

This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Off the Hook! Thank you for all of your generous support of our Community Supported Fishery over the past six years. Stay tuned for more fishy updates!

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