Fair fish means ensuring a fair price for you, your fishermen, and the folks who process and deliver you your fish, while having minimal environmental impact. When you purchase from Off the Hook, you help ensure a fair price for Nova Scotia's small-scale fishermen, while you get a reliable source of high quality, local, sustainable fish.


Off the Hook has re-structured it's groundfish CSF share program to make it easier for you to get fair fish from Nova Scotia, while helping to have the most effective and beneficial impact on the livelihoods of the fishers who bring you your seafood. We'll keep you updated with the most up-to-date way of getting your groundfish shares right here on this page. See below for more info.

So what's new?

1) We've partnered with TapRoot Farms, Atlantic Canada's largest CSA network, to bring fair fish directly to you and your communities. Through TapRoot, you'll gain access to more pick-up locations at convenient times throughout the week. For more on the TapRoot Farms and Off the Hook partnership, see here and to order, see here.

2) We're offering shares of different sizes, depending on the season. Shares will be made up of a combination of groundfish, and on any given week, you might find yourself with haddock, cod, pollock, or even hake! We buy as much catch as possible from our fishermen, and since groundfish swim and feed together, buying their whole catch, rather than just one species at a time, helps us to support their livelihoods and provide them with a fair price.

3) Our product is now IQF frozen. As always, all Off the Hook groundfish is caught by fishermen using hooks and lines. Your fish is bled at sea and immediately placed in slush to ensure maximum freshness. It is filleted and flash frozen as soon as possible. When thawed properly, our frozen IQF groundfish fillets are of the highest quality, surpasing even fresh fish that often sits at the fish counter for days or more at a time.

4) Freezing fish also allows us to best support our fishermen, since we can manage their inventory better, and buy more of their catch at a fair price at a time.


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